Thursday, October 20, 2011

November 12: Pastaworks

Who can resist the aroma of Pastaworks on Hawthorne? It has that delicious scent of cheese, charcuterie and fresh pasta, and then there are those wonderful odors wafting over from Kevin Gibson's Evoe.... Also: Pastaworks boasts a terrific wine selection, which presents even more olfactory delights. Join us on November 12 to taste some biodynamically influenced wines from our friend Jay Somers at J. Christopher. We'll be there, signing books, sipping wines and sniffing the air...

November 12, 2011
3735 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland

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Friday, October 14, 2011

November 5: La Paulée de Carlton

La Paulée began in Burgundy centuries ago as a feast on the final day of harvest for vignerons and pickers. Today, this tradition continues as Burgundy's famous “La Paulée de Meursault,” a 10-hour lunch extravaganza in the cellars of the Chateau de Meursault, to which each guest brings several prized bottles to freely share with all. Six years ago, Scott Paul Wines decided it was time for “La Paulée de Carlton.” This year, Scott and Martha Wright of Scott Paul Wines will be joined by Brian & Jill O’Donnell of Belle Pente; Andrew Rich of Andrew Rich Wines; Bill Sweat & Donna Morris of Winderlea; Jay McDonald of EIEIO; Robin & Dewey Kelly of Ribbon Ridge Vineyards; and Scott Paul winemaker Kelley Fox, with her own label, Kelley Fox Wines. The guest of honor will be Katherine Cole, author of... (drumroll) Voodoo Vintners! Don't miss this unforgettable evening, with dinner prepared by Chef Paul Bachand of Recipe.

Saturday, November 5
Oregon Olive Mill, Red Ridge Farms
5510 NE Breyman Orchards Road, Dayton

tickets $125 each
call 503-852-7300 or e-mail

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

November 4: Great Wine Buys

We are so thrilled to be joining Great Wine Buys in Irvington for an evening of biodynamic wine and book signing. John Kennedy is our neighborhood wine merchant and we love popping into his well-stocked bottle shop and browsing the selection. His Friday-evening tastings are always lively and fun. We'll be tasting five Oregon wines from producers featured in Voodoo Vintners. The lineup will most likely include Belle Pente, Evesham Wood, Maysara and some other surprises.

Friday, November 4
$15 tasting fee for 5 wines
1515 NE Broadway, Portland

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Where did September and October Go?

After our book tour took us to New York and Chicago in September, October has been another busy month, with appearances at Lewis & Clark College, the Portland Culinary Alliance and the 50th-Anniversary Celebration for OSU Press. It is with great relief that we return to our friends here at home....